Amazon launches new 3D printing marketplace

Amazon launches new 3D printing marketplace

With more than 200 print-on-demand products

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Image: Amazon steps up to the 3D marketplace with its own e-commerce section dedicated to the category

It seems that Amazon is making its presence known in the 3D market and setting up shop ahead of the game with a dedicated 3D printing e-commerce division that launched this week – with more than 200 print-on-demand products, some of which are highly customisable.

In short, 3D printers function like normal printers, however instead of ink on paper, they use plastic, metal or some other material to construct a simple three-dimensional object. That places the emphasis on the design of the product rather than its manufacture. And while there are some printers available for home use, Amazon's marketplace means that when the goods are ordered online, they are then printed out by the seller and shipped.

"This is the first time on Amazon that we've built such an experience that allows users to leave their own mark on a product," said Petra Schindler-Carter, Director for Amazon Marketplace Sales, calling the initiative still in its "early days" for 3D printing. 

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