Presenting Airtype - the keyboard of the future

Presenting Airtype - the keyboard of the future

There's no ESC-ing technology, so why not CTRL it

Image: Airtype

Presenting the a keyboardless keyboard that adapts to your finger movements and typing habits

Consisting of two ergonomically designed devices that slip onto your palms, the Airtype gives you the same, if even bigger range of typing motion, and adjusts to your natural typing inclinations.

An intimidating feature is the subtraction of the 'backspace' key, but don't fear, because with the device's advanced technology, there's no need for one. The smart-keyboard has the ability to detect misspellings and rapidly goes to correct and predict any faults in your text.

Take a look at the video below now:

AirType Concept Promo from pfista on Vimeo.

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