Aether's 'Cone' speaker a new intelligent music player

Aether's 'Cone' speaker a new intelligent music player

Simplifying the way you listen to music

Image: Aether

Aether's new 'Cone' speaker is an innovative wireless device that learns what music the user enjoys and plays it automatically

San Francisco-based hardware and software company, Aether, have recently launched its first product, 'Cone', a smart speaker that learns what its users like and plays their favourite songs, creating a personalised playlist that gets better over time.

Similar to the recently-launched Bang and Olufsen 'BeoSound Essence', the new 1.3 kg speaker aims to take away any decision making and fidgeting with device controls, as it automatically selects music, which is controlled by a simple interface.

Head of design, Ben Fullerton commented on the 'Cone' saying, "The world of music offers so much choice and capability that it can be overwhelming and difficult to simply enjoy listening," also adding, "Cone makes it easy to hear something great by applying Aether's machine learning software across music and content services in order to learn what you like and play what you love."

The speaker is powered via bluetooth — with an online library of over 20 million tracks, internet radio stations and podcasts — the device can be wirelessly installed anywhere throughout one's home.

The 'Cone' comes in a black and copper finish, with a built-in rechargeable  lithium-ion battery that gives 8 hours of continuous high-definition sound, making it the ideal portable speaker for anyone who loves music.