Adidas gets smart with new wearable device

Adidas gets smart with new wearable device

The sportswear giant does practical and powerful

Image: Adidas

This week at the Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco, Adidas unveiled its new Fit Smart device, a fitness-training product that's worn on the wrist

Designed for athletes and gym goers alike, Fit Smart is designed to measures heart rate, calories, pace, distance and stride to calculate your workout intensity.

The sleek wristband is covered in soft silicon with a heart rate monitor underneath, and is not meant to be worn throughout the day, only for workouts or intense sport activities.

"It became an exercise of omission. Knowing what to keep out is important," said Paul Gaudio, general manager of digital sport at Adidas. "We needed to make it accessible from a price standpoint. It shouldn't be over-featured. In fact, that would be a negative."

Adidas smart watch

The key feature of the wrist accessory is its glowing band of LED light on the face of the device that uses the heart rate monitor, which gives off different hues that go from blue and green to yellow and red, to inform you about workout intensity at a glance.

As part of Adidas' MiCoach training platform and Run app Fit Smart stores up to 10 hours of workout data and syncs with MiCoach and Run using Bluetooth on the user's mobile phone.

The product which is set for release in late August is "the next step in making elite level sports science and wearable technology available to every day athletes and people who are just looking to look and feel better." stated Gaudio. 




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