A look at the Hukkster app

A look at the Hukkster app

The 'Tinder' of shopping apps

E-commerce app Hukkster could be the next big shopping tool, tapping into many online boutiques in order to bring consumers a diverse range of fashion products

Hukkster co-founder Katie Finnegan mentions that she wants to save shoppers time and money and, "We're simplifying the path to purchase by offering one place to browse products and gain access to real-time targeted sale alerts, and

The shopping app has a new element called Hukk or Not, which is a browsing platform that allows users to flip through a range of merchandise from over 300 stores, including ShopBop and Anthropologie.

While browsing, users will be able to swiftly add products to a wishlist, or discard anything they didn't find appealing, If they come across something tempting, the item will be "Hukked" or saved. After that, they can choose their preferred colors or sizes. The app will also notify costumers via email or pop up messages when items have been marked down.

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