A look at iOS 8's time-lapse feature

A look at iOS 8's time-lapse feature

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Video: YouTube

Apple aims to transform iPhone users into amateur filmmakers with their newest camera addition, set to launch with their impending iOS update

With all the hype being built up about Apple's iOS 8, which is set to release this autumn, there is no doubt that their latest feature reveal is one to get excited about...

YouTube user iTwe4kz, who has access to the iOS 8 beta, has released the video (below), unveiling the system's time-lapse camera option, which plans to function through shooting staggered photos over lengthy periods of time, and combining them to create a video. The gaps between each photo will also be adjustable, along with modifiable ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Since the slow-motion features introduction last year, and now the time-lapse features pending release, Apple has created a user-friendly platform for the future of film and photography.  

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