7 reasons why the iPhone 7 is the ultimate game changer

7 reasons why the iPhone 7 is the ultimate game changer

A Buro 24/7 review

Image: Apple

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 the world wanted more. Here Buro 24/7 Middle East looks at the pinnacle of what's driving the thirst for the technology. So if you know nothing else, know this...

I t's been exactly 77 days, seven hours and seven seconds since Tim Cook's keynote on the Apple iPhone went viral — fact, thanks to Siri — and every second since a sense of excitement has ensued. See, when we were sitting in that auditorium (whether physically like Buro 24/7 Middle East or virtually like the millions of people who plugged in) listening to the presentation, there's been much talk about several key features that have made the iPhone game strong. Here's seven reasons why...

1. Home is where the customisation begins

Hello, pings the familiar screen when we turn on our shiny new pretty in (rose gold) pink phone — we'll come back to the colour later. The first obvious difference, which received a pass-the-baby-esque reaction was the home button. Everyone wanted to try his or her tips on the customisable non-button. It's kind of a game changer.

Shot on iPhone 7

2. We hear you Apple!

Speaking of game changer's, Apple's decision to ditch the headphone jack in favour of wireless AirPods still has the digital world divided on wether to pod or stay plugged in. Good news, you don't need to make a decision just yet. Apple have ensured the iPhone 7 comes complete with a lightening converter (FOC), so the pods are yours to purchase if you prefer to pound out 10 kilometres on a Friday morning in high tech style. We do!

iPhone AirPods

3. Image is everything

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was dubbed "the best camera in an iPhone," by Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Philip Schiller and we have to agree. The new portrait mode promises (and delivers) images good enough to consider skipping FaceTune (insert monkey covering eyes emoji). The 12-mega-pixel camera is a clear front-runner with a sharper image stabiliser, wider aperture and a two-tone flash. And then there's the live mode option. The new iPhone upgrade is so intuitive that it takes several screen shots to create a moving image, with the click of just one button. So in answer to the question: "Does the new phone take better photos?" The answer is "absolutely".

Shot on iPhone 7

4. Five shades of iPhone

There's also a new gradient on the grid. Now we're talking the five fierce hues and shades of the phone itself — jet black, black, gold, silver and rose gold, the later of which we snatched up in a second. Everything's always prettier in pink, unless it's black.

5. Case corrected

Another question on everyone's minds was whether or not an iPhone cover replacement was a need or a want. Sadly our achingly cool Buro-branded phone cover case was short lived with the new placement of the camera on the back of the phone. However when there's a colour palatte that rivals couture swatches, think pink sand and storm grey, who can complain?

iPhone 7 covers

6. Water faux pas

As far as technologies go, this feature was perhaps the most highly anticipated and long-awaited in iPhone's history. Introducing the first water-resistant (yes, if it takes a dive into your morning coconut water, it's set to survive) iPhone, but we'll take Apple's word on that fact.

7. Present day

Now with the festive season starting in exactly seven days - thanks again, Siri — attention needs to be brought to the phone that is not only stealing the style stakes but also edging ever closer to the number one gift giving position — if it isn't already there on your list already. It was the first on ours.

The iPhone and iPhone 7 are available at the Apple flagship at Mall of the Emirates now.