Wimbledon 2014 sees its busiest first day in history

Wimbledon 2014 sees its busiest first day in history

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The famous British tennis tournament welcomed its most-visited first day on record yesterday, thanks to England's early exit from World Cup

An unexpected bout of good weather paired with England's early exit from the World Cup seems to have set off the busiest first day of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament ever. In fact, the queue for tickets closed at just 7.30am, which is 15 minutes earlier than last year.

"We are delighted. Obviously the prospect of watching a British man (Andy Murray) defend his title – something which hasn't happened in a long time, is a great draw. The weather helps too. I don't know how much of a cross over there is between football fans and tennis fans but the act England are out of the World Cup might also be a factor." Said Sarah Hames, All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) spokeswoman.

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