England's football kit gets a typography refresh

England's football kit gets a typography refresh

New look lettering

Image: The Verge

A creative graphic design and typography expert has revised the look and feel of England's football kit, ahead of the FIFA World Cup this summer

England's official World Cup kit has had a refresh thanks to celebrated graphic designer, typographer and early formative voice behind the highly influential music and culture magazine The Face, Neville Brody.

The creative talent crafted the type from scratch, saying that he focussed on "the intersection between flair and workman-like reliability."

Typography England kit

The new font actually mirrors the redesigned ensemble as a whole, as the new kit, which was produced by Nike in a similar way that the brand reworked Brazil's suits of honour – and aims to reference the England kits of old while presenting something fresh and modern.

Brody toyed with the pinstripe that runs through the shirts to create a stenciled look, that he believes emphasises "the idea of innovation, invention, and surprise, built around a more geometric structure."