Rio 2016 pictograms

Rio 2016 pictograms

Brazil release their Olympic visuals

Image: Rio 2016

Brazil maybe 3 years away from hosting the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro but they are getting ahead of the game with their marketing -  releasing their new visual icons to the world a few days ago. 

The creative designers at Rio 2016 took 16 months to create the thumbnails. A total of 64 pictograms - 41 Olympic and 23 Paralympic.

"The pictograms, from now until the Games, will serve as a communication platform for the promotion of the sports, for partner activations and will be present in all the Games' visual identity, including their application in venue decoration, signposting, tickets and licensed products, among other things," said Rio 2016 brand director Beth Lula.

London first used pictograms for the Olympics back in 1948 - when they were created to communicate and represent the various sports taking place to athletes, officials and fans from all over the world - all speaking many different languages. 

Oli Aicher designed the pictograms for Munich 1972 and his designs are generally considered to provide the basis for all of the pictograms used at Olympic and Paralympic Games since, as they depicted sport through movement and speed.

The typography used for the Rio 2016 icons was developed by Dalton Maag - who was inspired by the formation of the Rio 2016 logo and the essence of the Games - 'passion and transformation'.


The Olympic games in Brazil

The Olympic games in Brazil

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