\"I would do it now and forever...\" Stella McCartney is confirmed for further Olympic designs

"I would do it now and forever..." Stella McCartney is confirmed for further Olympic designs

To be continued

Stella McCartney looks set to continue her affiliation with Adidas and the Olympic Games as it's confirmed she will work on kits for Rio de Janeiro 2016

Although she's currently not the only major fashion designer in the Olympic kit design game, Stella McCartney's love for designing sportswear goes way back. 

It all started back in 2001, when Stella McCartney created her first sports-inspired collection in collaboration with Adidas. Over a decade later, the designer was invited to develop the kit for the Olympic Games 2012 held in London. In the two years that have followed, McCartney has designed almost 600 pieces of clothing for the various teams within the event, including the Paralympic Games.

When asked by journalists following the last games whether this is something that would continue, McCartney replied without hesitation: "I'd love to. I would do it now and forever."  And it seems her wish has come true, as a source confirms that Adidas has selected her to handle their Team GB design work again for Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

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