PUMA Fishtail Rides in Dubai

PUMA Fishtail Rides in Dubai

The ride of your life: Buro 24/7 speaks to the brains behind the bikes

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A fresh approach to bike riding took place in Dubai this weekend, as PUMA's Fishtail Rides took hold of the city

Spreading the continued philosophy that life deserves to be played and enjoyed with friends, PUMA Middle East is focusing on getting people together for social moments by introducing the cool new concept, Fishtail Rides. It builds the public's connection back with the streets.

It's not a race, as such, or a fancy fitness group, Fishtale Rides are more about feel good fun, and it's a concept that's being taken around the globe.

Teaming up with local musicians, PUMA has developed a unique track to the film Chase the Sun by Megadon Betamax feat Abri, which narrates the journey of the fixie riders, discovering unseen sides to the city.

So what exactly are Fishtail Rides? They're a series of fixed gear bicycle rides where every ride is unique, providing a platform where a community of like-minded people from different backgrounds can come together and ride. Each ride will have its own theme and route, introducing people to the underbelly of the streets in which they live.

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Juanma Pozo and Juan Guadalajara 

Buro 24/7 Middle East catches up with the Spanish founders and co-owners of Dosnoventa, Spain, Juanma Pozo and Juan Guadalajara: 

Tell us about Dosnoventa and how you got involved in fixed gear bike riding?

Juanma Pozo | Dosnoventa was founded by Juan and I out of our love for fixed gear/ urban track bikes. We had a store in Barcelona where we sourced elements for fixed gears, which initially we created for our friends and family. This then extended outside of Spain into other European countries when we went to Italy searching for frames - and then Dosnoventa the brand grew via the films that we created from the travels on our bikes. Dosnoventa now travels across the world into US and as of today, the Middle East.

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Juanma Pozo

Juan Guadalajara | If you mix the passion with high quality product - that's what Dosnoventa is. People don't just buy a fixed gear bike - you buy what comes with it. I won't say the 'lifestyle' but it's the whole package - and with a Dosnoventa bike comes the Dosnoventa family support network!

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Juan Guadalajara 

Some people say that bikes are the true 'soul of the ground' - what's your take on this?

JP | You're so connected with the bike in that there are no brakes, no chains, no gears -it's a little bit like an extension of your body. You have to have full control of the bike and you therefore have a physical relationship with the bike. It's the simplest concept - when you walk, you put your feet on the ground. You need to go faster, to speed up, you need to stop, you stop - it's the same with an urban track - you feel it in your body.

How is riding a fixed gear bike in the city compared to a normal bike?

JG | It's very different, very exciting: it's like a video game. With a gearless, brakeless fixed gear bike - you have to think about what you're doing, what the bike is doing and what everyone around you is doing. On a normal bike, you look one car ahead - with an urban track, you have to look seven cars ahead. It's safer in a way as you're paying more attention - and you're absolutely faster!

So you're here in the UAE as part of PUMA Fishtail Rides - the monthly series of fixed gear bike rides around Dubai. What are you hoping to achieve?

JG | We're really keen to meet all the fixed gear riders of Dubai - and get social with them, as we do back home in Barcelona.

JP | We want to grow the fixed gear rider community wherever it might be. It doesn't matter if it's in Barcelona, Dubai or wherever. If there are more people riding bikes, then the culture grows and it makes our urban track world that little bit bigger and better: more races, more people, more friends, more family, more fun, more love.

What is your impression of PUMA Fishtail Rides so far?

JG | From the Fishtail Ride videos we've seen, we've been very impressed with the rides - where they go, how they're unique. We really hope it continues to grow and encourage more people to get involved. Basically - we do this because we love it - and we just want everyone involved having fun with us on the ride.

How do you see PUMA Fishtail Rides progressing in the future?

JP | I'd like to see fixed gear scene grow in every city - so that more people can get involved and have fun - it's another way to enjoy time with your friends. And as the scene grows - everyone will have more friends in every country!

Convert some of our fans into fixed gear fanatics in less than 5 words.

JP | Just go out and ride.

The next PUMA Fishtail Rides Dubai will take place on January 31

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