First look: On enters the Middle East shoe market

First look: On enters the Middle East shoe market

These shoes are on! Here's why...

Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: On Shoes

When Swiss design meets sporting genius, the results are a shoe set to shake the industry...

Introducing On! As the latest kicks to arrive in the Middle East, these Swiss designed shoes are pacing themselves to become the next go-to in the athletic department. Co-founded by triathlete Olivier Bernhard in 2010, the performance engineered shoes are known for their tech-savvy soles, which come complete with patented speed plates, a unique technology that optimises individual running strides for peak performance on the track or treadmill.

On Shoes

On Shoes

On shoes are also designed with a monogrammed cloud logo on the underneath of the shoes, to ensure you're running experience emanates running on clouds, literally. Although the bubbles do serve an ergonomic purpose too: to diffuse impact and propel runners forward.

Browse the coveted collection of Cloud sneakers now with equally epic names including the Cloudflyer, Cloudsurfer, Cloudracer, Cloudster, Cloudcruiser and the Cloudflow...

On are currently available in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

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