A look inside Nike's Sport Research Lab

A look inside Nike's Sport Research Lab

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Nike gives us a glimpse of the high-tech research facilities inside the lab at Nike’s World Headquarters – continuing to combine the worlds of science and design to create beautiful things

Emphasising the state-of-the-art equipment and innovative research methods, Nike has unveiled a new video that gives us an idea of a typical day at the Nike headquarters in Oregon.

Senior Director of the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab, Matthew Nurse says, "Every day is a new challenge and we want to make athletes better all the time." He explained that athletes ask for three things when it comes to sports, "Make me better, protect me and inform me." Nurse also added, "the better you understand the needs of the athlete, the better you're gonna make product."

Now, you can take a look for yourself at how Nike creates their innovative, iconic and groundbreaking products in the video below...

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