Nike debuts the Roshe Two Flyknit

Nike debuts the Roshe Two Flyknit

An adaptive glove for your feet

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Nike

For an all-day footwear that has style, comfort and performance, look no further than Nike's new offering from its Roshe collection...

Nike has officially unveiled the Nike Roshe Two Flyknit, a follow-up to the successful Nike Roshe One. The new line-up comes in a host of vivid colours including green, yellow and grey. The famed Nike Roshe shoes are known to refine the elements of good footwear and, building on the strength of its predecessor, the new line was designed following three key elements: under foot comfort, upper foot comfort and long-lasting comfort.

Nike Roshe Two Flyknit

"Flexibility doesn't always equate to comfort. It is more complicated than that," said Dylan Raasch, Lead Designer of the Nike Roshe Two, adding that, "all-day footwear should basically be an adaptive glove for your feet. If your feet feel great after a crazy day, then we have done our job."

Nike Roshe Two Flyknit

The Nike Roshe Two Flyknit will be available across the Middle East from September 1. Also, discover the exclusive Nike NJR x Jordan collection.

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