Watch now: David Luiz – 'Yellow and Green'

Watch now: David Luiz – 'Yellow and Green'

New film highlights the passion and pride of his father

Nike has released an inspirational sporting video about David Luiz Moreira Marinho, known as David Luiz, the Brazilian vice-captian

As one of the undeniable stars of this year's World Cup, David Luiz has been a stellar brand ambassador for Nike. And so it's fitting that the brand has shared a super cool short film about the Brazilian defender, starring his own father. In the short, his dad talks about how Luiz's talent has lead him from playing football on the streets all the way to the World Cup, and considering his recent performances, pretty inspirational viewing.

Watch now: David Luiz – 'Yellow and Green' (фото 1)

Watch David Luiz: The Blood In My Veins Runs Yellow And Green below, now:


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