Nike athletes break boundaries in new uplifting video

"Unlimited You"

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Video: Nike

It's all about pushing the boundaries and reaching your maximum potential in Nike's latest video in the Unlimited series

Nike has released the second video for its Unlimited campaign. Titled Unlimited You, the clip directed by celebrated directing duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, aka Daniels, urges the modern day athlete to believe in what is seemingly impossible. "From the moment we were sent the script, we understood that it's about being unlimited, and in this spot, the characters are going further than the narrator expects them to," said Daniels. "Everyone's used to watching people achieve peak levels. It's exciting to be a part of this campaign, because we wanted to see what would happen if the athletes almost pushed back and had a little bit more fun."

Elite athletes who made cameo appearances in the short film include Aaron Gordon, English Gardner, Giancarlo Stanton, Kevin Durant, Mo Farah, Neymar Jr., Nyjah Huston, Serena Williams, Su BingTian and Zach LaVine. "We'd never worked with celebrity athletes," added Daniels. "We've worked with every genre of actor, and so we thought it would be similar. It was a fun learning experience. Watching them in person, having these incredible athletes come in and just swing a baseball bat, was really cool, and probably our favourite part of the whole experience."

In case you missed it, watch the first video in the series titled Unlimited Future now.

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