Must-watch: Nike's new video is inspiring a new generation

Unlimited Future

Video: Nike

Bobby Cannavale's performance in Nike's refreshing new ad, featuring Neymar Jr, Serena Williams, LeBron James, Mo Farah and Zhou Qi (as babies) is a must-see...

Nike's latest bid to inspire the future (and current) generation to exercise is unmistakably born from a deep-rooted history of family sport. Aptly titled, Unlimited Future, the 1:19-minute video sees actor Bobby Cannavale address a room full of babies, saying: "Listen up, babies. Life's not fair. You get no say into the world you're born into. You don't decide your name. You don't decide where you come from. You don't decide if you have a place to call home... Or if your whole family has to leave the country. You don't decide how the world judges a person like you. You don't decide how your story begins... But, you do get to decide how it ends."

Drawing the conversation into the local arena, Mutaz Barshim, a high jumper from the Middle East says: "My story began in Doha, where I was dreaming to fly one day, now I'm defying gravity and making my family proud."

Must-watch: Nike's new video is inspiring a new generation (фото 1)

The Nike news comes just weeks ahead of the Olympics, of which the sportswear brand is kitting out Team USA

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