Man of the Month: James Rodríguez

Man of the Month: James Rodríguez

All hail the 'son of God'

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Undeniably one of the World Cup's brightest stars, James Rodriguez has been the competition's leading goal scorers and won more than a few hearts along the way

Of course, there are many, many men taking part in the World Cup this year, and so to choose just one Man of the Month from the global sports tournament was no mean feat.

However there were some obvious candidates. First up, Cristiano Ronaldo. No one can argue with the fact that he is a great player, and he has garnered worldwide attention for his team, Portugal. Number two would have to be Lionel Messi. However due to their most recent performances, we decided to select two other finalists: Neymar and James Rodriguez. The first name is more than likely familiar to most readers around the world. And although both are just 22-years-old, and each showed their best performances at this World Cup... The winner has to be Rodriguez, and here's why.

Born in Cucutá, he is native of the city of Ibagué, where Rodriguez spent his childhood. He was born to Wilson James Rodriguez Bedolla and Maria Del Pilar Rubio, and was named after James Bond – unforunately his father, who was also footballer, left his mother at a young age – and the young star has had nothing to do with him since. Rodriguez has been married to Daniela Ospina the sister of fellow footballer David Ospina, since 2011, and has a one-year-old daughter named Salome. On social media sites, Rodriguez refers to himself in profiles as a 'son of God'.

Man of the Month: James Rodríguez (фото 1)

Man of the Month: James Rodríguez (фото 2)

Widely considered to be one of the best young talents in the world, Rodríguez can play in several positions: midfield, striker or winger. He simply adapts a playmaker role in both club and national teams – but this year has shined as Colombia's top scorer at a World Cup and is the leading goal-maker so far within the 2014 tournament. For many, the player who wears the name James (pronounced: Ha-mez, since he disliked his Bond namesake) on his jersey has been a revelation at the World Cup.

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