A champion Jet-Skier has developed the 'Hoverboard'

A champion Jet-Skier has developed the 'Hoverboard'

Gives a whole new meaning to "Surf's Up"

Video: YouTube

Champion Jet-skier Franky Zapata has developed a product inspired by 'Back to The Future's' iconic hoverboard

The Hoverboard comes after the ever-prevalent Flyboard; a jetpack powered by high-pressure water jets, and the new invention uses similar technological methods as its forerunner.

They both are water-adapted inventions, and the hoverboard consists of a single slalom waterski that is powered to by a long hose with an attached hydro-jet that can catapult riders up to 30 feet into the air.

Though it might seem that an exhilarating contraption to have, it comes with a hefty purchase price of $6000:

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