Maria Sharapova suspended from sponsorships and sport

Maria Sharapova suspended from sponsorships and sport

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Tennis star Maria Sharapova is facing a career low after failing a drug test. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details...

Today, tennis star Maria Sharapova was suspended from the sports arena by the International Tennis Federation. Now, the Russian athlete also looks set to lose her sponsorship deals after a failed drugs test, at the Australian Open, tested positive for the banned substance meldonium.

Nike, Sharapova's biggest sponsor, has spoken out about their partnership with the tennis player, saying in a statement: "We have decided to suspend our relationship with Maria while the investigation continues. We will continue to monitor the situation." Other sponsors including Porsche and Tag Heuer have also taken similar courses of action.

Maria Sharapova

Sharapova has taken full responsibility for the incident and despite the setbacks, remained optimistic, saying: "I made a huge mistake. I don't want to end my career this way and I really hope that I will be given another chance to play this game."

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