A close up look at the Adidas Primeknit FS

A close up look at the Adidas Primeknit FS

The future of football boots

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Combining sock and boot in one seamless package, Adidas has revealed the plans for its new Primeknit FS

On the back of its recent exciting announcement that it is to collaborate this summer with fashion designer Mary Katranzou, and prior release of deatils of a new knitted football boot, today Adidas reveal a closer look at its Primeknit FS.

While still in concept form, the Primeknit FS gives fans a good indication of the future of the label's 'top-tier' football boots. It may look somewhat unorthodox, but its tall height is down to the fact that it combines both boot and sock in one seamless package.

Visually, the boot keeps remains simple with a predominantly black, knit upper broken up by signature three white stripes branding and a band of orange running around the calf.

We still have no word yet on a release date but we wouldn't be surprised if they made appearances on the brand's star football players at the World Cup later this year...