The world's first hybrid luxury superyacht debuts

The world's first hybrid luxury superyacht debuts

Sailing the ocean green

'Savannah' is the world's first ever hybrid superyacht. The luxury vessel boasts groundbreaking fuel saving measures and aptly proves that environmentally conscious design does not always mean compromising on style and comfort...

Hybrid technology is common place on highways all over the world, but for the first time, Feadship, the prestigious Netherlands-based yacht builder, have brought the green concept to the seas. On Saturday the good-ship 'Savannah' was launched, the world's first true hybrid superyacht

At first glance the 274ft superyacht appears to be like any other luxury craft of its size and stature. The vessel has all of the luxury mod-cons one would expect; swimming pool, check, five decks offering stunning panoramas of the open ocean, check, an underwater fish-spotting lounge, check, cinema, check, a hybrid power-plant that saves up to 30 per cent consumption... wait, what!? 

The clever designers at Feadship have installed a highly advanced power system that comprises of a single diesel engine (instead of the usual two), three diesel-electric generators and a cluster of one million Watts of Li-ion batteries. The hybrid system along with an azimuthing thruster and a streamlined hull shape result in fuel savings of 30 per cent in comparison to other similarly sized yachts and it is also the first to be entirely metallic painted except for the mast domes.

"The possibility to choose between diesel, diesel-electric or fully electric is truly exceptional," says Savannah's captain Ted McCumber. The groundbreaking superyacht took three years to complete and it is expected to be delivered sometime in the spring. We tip our captain's hat to the team for their environmentally aware initiative. 

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