Search partners with Coca Cola to reveal global sustainability initiative partners with Coca Cola to reveal global sustainability initiative

With W Hotels worldwide

The W Hotel group has announced a new initiative with musician and Coca Cola. The sustainable project will see the luxury hotel chain replace its bedding with eco-friendly sheets created by EKOCYCLE, which are made from recycled plastic bottles...

Musician, entrepreneur and tech-lover, has joined forces with Coca Cola to make a difference in the world: The duo have announced a new initiative to introduce eco-friendly sheets to the W Hotels worldwide.

The sheets are created out of recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise clog up landfills and destroy the environment. and Coca Cola set up the unique company that makes the sheets – called EKOCYCLE – after meeting at a Black Eyed Peas concert where the rapper set himself the challenge to turn all of the plastic junk left behind into usable objects.

The W Hotel group are known for their modern luxuries as well as for their pro-green ethics, which is why they are replacing their standard bedding with the EKOCYCLE sheets. The sheets are made from a kind of polyester that is created out of recycled bottles – also known as rPET – and it takes 268,000 plastic bottles to make each king-sized sheet. Luckily for guests, as well as the environment, despite the fact that they are crafted from plastic, the bedding is still as soft and comfortable as the usual W Hotel standard.

The partnership between EKOCYCLE and W Hotels aims to increase awareness about global sustainability and the sheets will soon be available to purchase from the W Hotels store for around $207.