Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is launching a charitable social media platform

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is launching a charitable social media platform

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Founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, is launching his latest philanthropic project – a charitable social media and mobile platform that donates to worthy causes. Get the scoop here…

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, is launching a new charitable social network and phone service in the U.S, that rewards texting and phone chatter with donations to charity from users monthly bills. Simply called 'TPO' named after 'The People's Operator' – the existing charitable mobile phone service from the UK.

TPO will piggyback off of the Sprint mobile infrastructure, offering a variety of plans, like any other competing provider, including the 'Unlimited Goodness' plan that includes unlimited texting and talking for $32 a month. Users who sign up will be able to select a charity of their choice, to donate 10 percent of their monthly bill to. Additionally TPO will also donate 25 percent of its total profits to charities including the NSPCC and Childline. 

He has also launched a socially conscious social media site, which he describes as more like Twitter than Facebook. He explains the ethos behind the TPO platform:

“TPO is a general interest social network where people can post their status updates, and photos, and join groups — all the normal things you do on any social network — but also we have our cause partners who are on the social network,” Wales said.

“People can also use it as a donation platform, directly raising money. So if you want to raise money for something that you care about, we give you a lot of tools to do that. You can invite them to join your social platform, come to your donation page, or switch their phone service. It’s another way to show support, we’re trying to be a full suite solution.”

Social network for philanthropists from the creator of Wikipedia (photo 1)