Alexander Wang shows Balenciaga Cruise 2014/15 in Beijing

Alexander Wang shows Balenciaga Cruise 2014/15 in Beijing

...With a retrospective twist

Image: Balenciaga
Image: WWD

Alexander Wang unites Balenciaga’s past and present with a special presentation in the Chinese capital

On Thursday, creative director Wang unveiled a retrospective of Balenciaga's history before presenting its Cruise collection featuring a capsule collection of 13 styles designed exclusively for the Beijing event.

Encompassing short mesh tops teamed with pants and shorts and green and blush pink coloured mini-suits, as well as six monochrome cocktail designs - The China Edition will be exclusively available at Beijing's Balenciaga boutiques in the next few days.

Wang spoke of the growing sophistication of the Chinese consumer, commenting "Before, growing up in Shanghai, the market was much more specific to brands such as Cartier or Dunhill, or even the very large brands such as Vuitton," he said. "That was much more based on logos and items that were much flashier. 

"The consumers here have become much more evolved," he added. "The taste and the style have grown beyond the bigger brands that have a major presence." 

The Beijing event joined Wang's new offering directly with the legacy of founder Cristóbal Balenciaga, starting with an exhibition of more than 40 pieces,  which were created from 1939 through the late Sixties. The vintage collection included iconic Balenciaga designs such as the sculpted Gazar bolero dress from 1967, and the dramatic caped wedding dress of the same era as well as the 1958 baby-doll dress – all chosen directly by Wang, who trailed the Balenciaga archives to curate the retrospective.