VIP mobile number sells for $2.2 million at Dubai auction

VIP mobile number sells for $2.2 million at Dubai auction

A lot of 2's in more way than one...

An Emirati man has shelled out $2.2 million for a VIP phone number at a recent Du auction that saw 70 covetable phone numbers up for grabs to the highest bidder. The only drawback? Everyone's got your number...

An Emirati man has placed the winning bid of $2.2 million (AED8,010,000) for a special phone number at a Du auction event yesterday. The prized number – 052-2222222 – now belongs to Mohamed Hilal, who may or may not be the same Mohamed Hilal who is CEO of the Dubai-based perfumer Mohamed Hilal Group, but I think we all know who to call if we want to find out. 

Hilal said he intends to use the number for his own personal use: "Yes, I'm going to use the number, with pride," and whilst he may not be concerned about privacy, he certainly won't have any trouble remembering his new digits. 

The auction, which saw some of the proceeds go to charity, put a total of 70 distinctive numbers up for grabs, which proved to be in high demand: "We have had many situations where we can't give people the numbers they want. We decided that the most fair way to deal with that is to offer 70 distinctive numbers and allow anyone to bid on them," said Du's chief commercial officer, Fahad Al Hassani. The auction went so well that Du are considering making it a regular event.