The calorie counting Vessyl Smart Cup

The calorie counting Vessyl Smart Cup

The latest product out of Silicon Valley

This month, after finishing its large round of funding, Vessyl has introduced the world’s first smart cup, a product that can tell you exactly what you’re drinking and what its nutritional values are in 'real time' through an LED screen on its side

The new Smart Cup is able to tell you when you need to drink, or when you're good to put your drink down – which could perhaps be your fourth coffee of the day as it monitors caffeine intake.

The goal of the innovative device is to give you a conscious idea abour your daily hydration needs. With the help of an iPhone app, the Vessyl also gives you data about your beverage-ingesting habits and can tell you how much you need to drink to be hydrated everyday  or how many hidden calories you end up drinking on a day-to-day basis. The Vessyl is available for preorder and is aiming at a 2015 launch.  

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