The Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub concept for future commuters

The Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub concept for future commuters

A new sustainable design proposal for times ahead

Image: Design Boom

An idea that received an honorable mention as part of eVolvo’s 2014 skyskraper competition, has recently been presented by UK-based designers Christopher Christophi and Lucas Mazarrasa

The Hyper-Speed Vertical Train Hub is the innovative new concept that could see vertical stations  built throughout the world's major cities such as New York and London. The scheme aims to resolve inevitable challenges and demands that cities will face by the year 2075, from over-population to the lack of natural resources. 

In addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the new train hubs will become a necessary and supporting piece of infrastructure that can be implemented into any city around the world. In addition to the new stations the trains will also come with the latest technology, covering an average distance of 300 miles in 30 minutes they will be connected to the new infrastructure and rapidly-run on an over ground network at an all new hyper-speed.

Replacing existing railway terminals, the project flips the traditional form and function of current station designs vertically, transforming them into monumental cylinders in order to increase the towers' capacity. The shape of the building would also minimise land use within cities.

The carriages of the train are designed to be supported by a magnetic structure, eliminating the need for rails beneath, allowing carriages and passengers to connect to the tower. Due to its horizontal formation, the carriages will pivot similar to the pods on a Ferris wheel, letting passengers in the carriage remain in upright position, facing towards the cityscape the entire journey. 

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