US President Obama joins Facebook

US President Obama joins Facebook

Urges followers to join climate change initiative

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Facebook/President Obama

Obama jumping on the Facebook bandwagon shows just how influential social media can be towards solving world problems

Having joined Twitter in May, US President Barack Obama rounds off his social media year by joining Facebook. Saying that he intends to use the page as "a place where we can have real conversations" he began his Facebook activity with a video showing his backyard at the White House, segueing into an informal speech about climate change.

"Hello, Facebook! I finally got my very own page," Obama said in the post. "I'm kicking it off by inviting you to take a walk with me in my backyard." He ended by saying: "If we're all in this together, I'm confident we can solve this and do right by future generations."

The president also added a few life moments to his timeline like his birth in 1961, his marriage to Michelle in 1992 and other career achievements. As with his Twitter account, this Facebook page will be managed by Obama himself and although you can't actually be friends with him, you can still like his page.

Here's the video of his backyard, which also happens to be a National Park.