The last lunch: Titanic menu goes to auction

The last lunch: Titanic menu goes to auction

Artefacts from the 'Money Boat'

An in-tact lunch menu from the doomed Titanic ship is to sell at auction in New York. Dated the day before the collision with an iceberg, the item has an estimated value of $50,000...

Passengers on the Titanic dined on potted shrimp and grilled mutton chops just one day before the historic ship met its fateful end. The revelation comes as a lunch menu, dated April 14, 1912, the day before the sinking, is being put up for auction in New York.

Lion Heart Autographs auction house has priced the unique artefact at an estimated $50,000. The authentic item was salvaged by a first class passenger by the name of Abraham Lincoln Salomon, who was one of 12 people to escape on lifeboat No.1, also known as 'The Money Boat' because it is thought that the handful of wealthy passengers paid large sums to the crew to row away as quickly as possible, and not collect a further 28 people in need, which it could have accommodated. 

Two further items from the Money Boat will form part of the auction including a small ticket from a chair at the Titanic's Turkish baths that recorded a person's weight, estimated to fetch as much as $10,000 at auction. And a letter sent by Francatelli, who was an employee of Lady Duff-Gordon, to Salomon, dated six months after the sinking. The letter reads:

"We do hope you have now quite recovered from the terrible experience. I am afraid our nerves are still bad, as we had such trouble & anxiety added to our already awful experience by the very unjust inquiry when we arrived in London."