Time Magazine picks the most popular images of 2014

Time Magazine picks the most popular images of 2014

The best of the best from this year

As the year's end approaches, Time Magazine has chosen the most influential photos of 2014, from the Ukraine and Ferguson to Gaza and the Academy Awards...

This December, Time looks back at the year's most breathtaking, influential and popular images of 2014. The magazine annually features over thousands of photographs from around the world, with the content curation team now handpicking their top 10.

"Each photograph selected for time's top 10 photos of 2014, unranked and carefully culled from thousands, takes us into a dramatic scene that provides an important visual record of history. as these images came through our news-gathering operation over the course of the year, they not only astounded us, but they also moved us." Stated Time.

The lineup features the biggest celebrity selfie from the Academy Awards, which gathered over 3.36 million retweets on Twitter, to disturbing images of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and protestors in Ferguson. 

Take a look at the photos below now: 

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