The United Nations reveals the world's happiest countries

The United Nations reveals the world's happiest countries

In the World Happiness Report 2015

The UN has released the annual World Happiness Report for 2015. Discover which are the happiest countries to live in, in the world and where top Arabic countries feature in the definitive list of happy living...

Who knew happiness could be measured? Ever since 2012 the UN has published an annual World Happiness Report. Using a precise formula that accounts for a vast spectrum of factors, which are scientifically presented with a value, the report ranks the world's nations in order of the happiness of its population. 

Using factors such as 'subjective well-being,' life expectancy, social support and freedom to make life choices as well as some more obvious factors such as GDP and other wealth contributors, the report ranks the word's countries in order of happiness. 

2015 sees Switzerland bag the top spot with some close Scandinavian neighbours joining it in the top five with Iceland, Denmark and Norway coming in just behind and cheery Canada at number five. The UAE ranks a respectable 20 ranking globally with Oman at 22 and Qatar at 28 just ahead of France.