The New York Times introduces virtual reality video project

The New York Times introduces virtual reality video project

A focus on video

The New York Times and the New York Times Magazine have introduced a string of new video based programming both online and on the small screen. Leading with virtual reality interactive video project 'Walking in the City.' Find out more here...

The New York Times magazine editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein, and colleagues from the mainstream paper made some exciting announcements for the future of the title at the Newfront presentation in New York yesterday. The paper has unveiled a string of video projects it has been working on and suggested a concerted focus on the video arena, which it would be continuing to develop. 

Silverstein's big announcement centred on a specific interactive video project on the magazine's Website entitled Walking in The City, produced by Vrse. He showed a behind the scenes teaser of the making of the explorative video and also included some 'making-of' footing from the current front cover's shoot, from a helicopter flying about the impressive Flatiron District art installation by street artist JR.

The paper also announced that it will be launching in television, and not just web based content. A new collaboration with the Travel Channel will see the popular newspaper column '36 Hours' transformed into a small screen mini series with the help of sponsorship from Google Maps. 

There will be serious reporting in the form of journalistic documentaries made about the Yemen conflict and Libya. As well some other lighter programming from the paper's esteemed food editors.