The most expensive toothpaste in the world

The most expensive toothpaste in the world

‘Out with the old…in with Renou’

Image: Theodent

Fluoride-free, child-friendly luxury toothpaste

Theodent 300 is the newest development in luxury oral care. Despite being formulated without the commonly used ingredient Fluoride the product guarantees to strengthen your teeth - with a unique element Rennou which was discovered by Dr. Tetsu Nakamoto and is a derivative of the cocoa bean, this toothpaste is completely harmless when swallowed making it child-friendly.

Priced at $100 (365dhs) the dental care product is for those who want to have the most enviable smiles around. It was also one of 9 items chosen to be in the International Emmy Gala gift bags in 2012. The crystal mint toothpaste is packaged in an elegant gold tube and is available via the Theodent website

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