Introducing Streetpong: The new street side game

Introducing Streetpong: The new street side game

Look left, look

A new German designed art installation game Streetpong turns pedestrians into gamers, providing entertainment for city dwellers when waiting to cross the road...

A new entertainment-art installation has been installed in Hildesheim, Germany in the form of StreetPong. A fun new way to pass the time while waiting to cross the road. Much safer than standing on the curb gazing down at your phone and waiting for the green man, which too often leads to wondering into oncoming traffic without looking, or even missing your cue to walk all together. 

The new StreetPong by designers Urban Invention, sees pedestrians take up a volley with an onscreen football and a skate board (in place of a paddle) with their opponent, a stranger on the other side of the street. The screen clearly shows the amount of time left before the crossing will be active again, and keeps track of the score. Those with a competitive streak may find themselves on the wrong side of the road a little longer than they had planned. 

Take a look at the Streetpong demonstration video below: