Bids start at $4999 for Steve Jobs' yearbook on eBay

Bids start at $4999 for Steve Jobs' yearbook on eBay

Buy it now for $12,999

The yearbook of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, from Homestead High School, class of 1972 is up for auction on eBay by a former classmate. Bidding on the Jobs memorabilia opened at $4999 and a 'buy it now' tag was placed at $12,999...

A classmate of Steve Jobs has offered super fans of the Apple founder an opportunity to own a piece of Jobs memorabilia. He has presented the Homestead High School, class of 1972, yearbook, featuring Jobs, for auction on eBay. Bidding opened at $4,999 with a 'buy it now' price tag of $12,999.

Speaking about the sale, the seller known as 'bcwright77' has stated, "My brother was friends with Jobs and I knew his sister Patty who was in my grade."

Offering more insight into the young Jobs, the seller added that Jobs took an electronics class, although it would seem that wasn't where he learned many of the skills that lead him to change the technological landscape for good, as he is said to have "goofed around" during the lesson: "Jobs didn't seem serious about the class and would clown around a lot," said the seller.

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