The first solar-powered around-the-world flight prepares to take off in Abu Dhabi

The first solar-powered around-the-world flight prepares to take off in Abu Dhabi

A historic world record attempt...

Solar Impulse 2 – the solar-powered plane that is set to make history as the first solar powered around-the-world flight, is preparing to take up its starting position in Abu Dhabi...

The solar powered plane, that is set to take on the world’s first around the world trip without fuel, is hitching a ride to its starting point in Abu Dhabi via a Boeing 747 jet. Abu Dhabi’s World Future Energy Summit is set to host an exclusive exhibit of the impressive aircraft before it undertakes its five month, 22,000 mile journey around the world.

The single-seater Solar Impulse 2 aircraft, which is made of carbon fibre and has a 72 metre wingspan has been diligently disassembled at its original home in Switzerland, and packed carefully into the jet that will transport it to the UAE capital for the summit, before it begins its expedition that will begin and end in Abu Dhabi. 

Explorer Bertrand Piccard and air force pilot Andre Borschberg will be embarking on their record breaking journey in March, which will take them across three continents and two oceans, a flight plan that sees the pilots taking to the skies for upto five consecutive days at a time. 

The Solar Impulse 2 has already completed a number of successful test flights across Europe, Morocco and America as part of the preparations for the ground breaking world tour. The model has been pitched as a pioneering design that supplies energy to its four engines via 17,000 solar cells positioned across its vast wing span. A green energy model that promises to redefine the future of aircraft design. 



World Future Energy Summit will take place from January 19 – 22, as part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week January 17 – 24