Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Two Norwegian politicians offer Snowden their support

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Image: Im Gur

Revealing that Snowden’s whistleblowing contributed to a "peaceful world order", two politicians have nominated Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize

Former National Security Agency staff Edward Snowden has been nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize by two Norwegian politicians.

Baard Vegar Solhjell and Snorre Valen, both have jointly showed their support for Snowden, revealing that in light of his whistleblowing - which helped to shape public debate and policy, Snowden had "contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order."

Snowden's nomination means he will now join a list of names that will be judged by the Nobel committee for the award. The panel will not reveal the nominees for the prestigious prize, although those who put forward their nominations often make them public.

Those putting forward nominators such as members of parliament and government, and university professors must submit their entries by February 1; while the members of the prize committee can enter their own submissions during the first meeting following that deadline.


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