Snapchat links with Hearst for 'special project'

Snapchat links with Hearst for 'special project'

Rumours of a fashion link

Social media platform Snapchat is joining forces with media group Hearst for a ‘special project’ and all signs lead to a fashion marketing link-up. Know what we know here…

American media group, Hearst, is said to be in the process of developing a new product with Snapchat, according to reports. Although the details of this new collaboration are still under-wraps, it would seem that Crisell, a former editor in chief of fashion company Aritzia, will be bringing an e-commerce element to the Hearst/Snapchat co-pro. Crisell is a special projects guru and his recent round of interviews of fashion market editors, to apparently join his new team, is only adding to the e-commerce speculation.

Snapchat, which is valued at a hefty $19 billion, tends not to use targeted advertising based on algorithms (like those seen on other social media platforms) and instead prefers to use human editors: "One of the things we said that was really different was, we said that editors are really important," said Snapchat co-founder and chief executive Evan Spiegel. "We've seen channels with really strong editors outperform other channels." 

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