Sheikh Mohammed launches $1 million prize to end global water shortage

Sheikh Mohammed launches $1 million prize to end global water shortage

The Dubai ruler tries to find a solution, in the spirit of the Holy Month

Image: Khaleej Times
Image: Fujairah News

The UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced the launch of an international prize of $1 million for finding sustainable solutions to water shortages all over the globe

The announcement came during Sheikh Mohammed's reception of key supporters and contributors to the UAE Water Aid campaign at Zabeel Palace today. His Highness also revealed the establishment of the UAE Water Aid Foundation with the aim of conducting research and studies to support the production of clean water using solar energy to provide new, cheap and innovative solutions for the millions around the world who have polluted drinking water.

During the meeting, Sheikh Mohammed also announced a personal donation on behalf of all UAE citizens to add to the number of beneficiaries of UAE Water Aid campaign to hit 7 million persons around the world. Since the UAE Water Aid inauguration, the campaign has collected more than 49 million in 18 days.

Sheikh Mohammed said, "In the next phase, we will work on searching for durable and radical solutions to the problem of water scarcity using solar energy, which God blessed our planet with, in the process of purification and desalination of water in needy areas around the world; therefore, we invite all research institutions around the world to participate in a competition of $1 million to be awarded to people who can find sustainable, cheap and innovative solutions."