Soprano singer Sarah Brightman prepares for her first space mission

Soprano singer Sarah Brightman prepares for her first space mission

With a bespoke mission patch

Soprano singer Sarah Brightman is preparing for the biggest performance of her career, one from the International Space Station, as part of her training Brightman has received her own mission patch to wear during her performance amongst the stars...

Soprano singer, Sarah Brightman, is preparing to embark on a mission to the International Space Station, and as such has revealed her very own bespoke mission patch (pictured above). Brightman will be launching into space in September for a ten-day mission in association with the Challenger Centre and NASA, on a trip organised by the Russian Federal Space Agency.

Training has been gruelling at Russia's, Star City, where she has been learning Russian amongst other elements of zero gravity training. As an international singer, she has to keep up her craft, and with her ambition to become the first international artist to perform in space, she has been collaborating with her former husband, West End legend, Andre Lloyd-Webber on a new song especially for the occasion.

Speaking about her space adventure, the singer said: "I live with the thought of this travel every second of my life. I wake up with it, I go to sleep with it, I dream of it. I cannot believe this is happening...and if possible, I want others to take inspiration from my journey and chase their own dreams."

In her partnership with Challenger Centre and NASA, she will launch an educational program that will encourage young students to experiment with her songs, and create their own videos that will be published for public viewing and voting. The students will also have a chance to engage in a live link chat with Sarah whilst she is aboard the ISS, and talk to her from space. 



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