He finally ate his cereal – another reason to love Ryan Gosling

The star's Vine homage

Ryan Gosling shows his heart of gold once more with a Vine video posted in honour of Ryan McHenry, the recently passed Vine editor who created the hilarious 'Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal' series. Take a look at his perfect tribute below...

The obscurely hilarious Vine aficionado, famed for his comically captivating 'Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal' series (see video above), Ryan McHenry, has sadly passed away. In homage to the man who brought us so many chuckles, the subject of his creative edits, superstar Ryan Gosling, has posted a Vine of his own (see below). 

Gosling, is seen silently pouring a bowl of corn flakes before scooping a spoonful, which he holds up the camera in a sort of 'cheers' gesture before dutifully eating it, at last. The Gosling Vine had garnered almost 6 million loops just 5 hours after it was posted. Well played Gosling, what a fitting tribute. 

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