The Hypersonic Flying Laboratory 'Kholod' scramjet auction

The Hypersonic Flying Laboratory 'Kholod' scramjet auction

Hypersonic bidding

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The 'Kholod' might be one of mankind’s most amazing feats of engineering, and it's being auctioned in London this September...

In 1991, this Russian/NASA project smashed every record known to man when it reached a sustained speed of mach 6.47 (just over 4,300 mph), using a scramjet.

It's actually a simple concept to understand – using traditional rockets to get up to supersonic speed before switching to the jet.

The air at supersonic speeds is greatly compressed as it enters the scramjet, then cryogenically cooled hydrogen is added, and when everything combusts, the force is enough to theoretically go up to and beyond mach 15... 

The Kholod will be auctioned on Monday September 8, without reserve – via RM Auctions.

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