Smart car plates to be introduced on Dubai's roads for restricting speed

Smart car plates to be introduced on Dubai's roads for restricting speed

RTA considers new innovative technology

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New smart or electric number plates on vehicles will soon be introduced in Dubai, helping implement variable speed limits among a variety of other benefits

Unique technology that will be featured on cars number plates will be able to control the speed of a vehicle according to the limit on a particular road  which could help improve safety, particularly on internal roads.

The technology which is currently on display at the region's biggest transport fair, UITP MENA Congress and Exhibition, was introduced to the region the firm Autograde, based in Dubai.

"The concept has been around for a few years now and recently Australian state of New South Wales has introduced it in their cities. Our device is RFID based and we are in talks with RTA to try the technology, which has multiple benefits apart from improving road safety," said Ahmad Al Ali, director of Autograde.

RTA's Licensing Agency CEO, Ahmad Hashem Behroozian also acknowledged the benefits of the system and said that it is being studied for use throughout the company. He stated that the device with telemetric technology could be particularly helpful for taxis.

"We normally get complaints against taxi drivers for speeding on internal roads. Right now the taxis have speed limiters installed with speed locked at 140 km/h, which doesn't help in the city. With this technology this problem of speeding on internal roads could be solved with speeds restricted according to the limits on a particular road," Behroozian said.

In addition to the benefits of the technology, the new car plate will also be integrated with RTA's Salik, and allow authorities to track movement of vehicles and identify criminals via its data storage. Auto deduction of parking fees will also be an added element to the concept.