Prince Harry's charity trek

Prince Harry's charity trek

Heading to the South Pole

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Prince Harry treks over 300 kilometres down to the South Pole with charity 'Walking With the Wounded' to raise money for soldiers that have been injured in battle

Back in 2011, Prince Harry took part in a polar expedition to the North Pole with organisation 'Walking With The Wounded' where he had to withdraw before the finishing line due to his brother William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton's wedding. 

2 years later and Prince Harry has again volunteered for another expedition with 'Walking With The Wounded' - but this time heading down to the South Pole. There were three teams of seven participants this year - most ex-soldiers, some even wounded from battle - each representing the United Kingdom, the United States and the British Commonwealth. Passing over 300 kilometres of ice, snow and harsh frosts the organization dropped the competitive aspect of the race due to its harsh conditions. 

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On Friday 13 December the teams made it to the South Pole and were visitors to our earths peak. "We're here. I am about 10 metres away from the Pole. Everyone is sort of scattered now, we've been here for about 20 minutes, maybe half an hour. It's an amazing feeling, it really is," says Harry. 

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As soon as he reached the peak he made a radio call home where he expressed an emotional appreciation to all the soldiers for what they had struggled through. All the proceeds that Harry will collect from the Walking With The Wounded expedition will go to soldiers that have been injured in battle. 

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