Philippe Starck designs first and business class travel amenity kits

Philippe Starck designs first and business class travel amenity kits

Travel necessities by design

Famed French designer and architect, Philippe Starck lends his unique perspective to a new project – designing first and business class travel amenity kits, in association with Wessco. Find out more about the travel essentials here...

Philippe Starck is taking flight with a new collaboration with Wessco, which will see the French designer create a luxury amenities kit for first class and business class passengers. Wessco is a company that creates hotel amenities, luxury guest amenities, and airline supplies, and they are tapping up the dynamic architect and designer to get his fresh take on the kits, to breathe new life into them.

The kits will come in male, female and unisex versions, and Starck has had an intricate hand in the development and design of every item, and how it is presented. The intention is to deliver a new level of design that is intrinsically needed and wanted. So often amenity kits are discarded by passengers but Starke hopes to change that: 

"From the beginning of the creative process, two words appeared to me: the elegance and the gift," he explains. "We create such an elegant and intelligent object that it would truly become a gift. And it might be the first time that passengers will open the bag and say: 'Oh! This is exactly what I wanted!'"

It is not yet known which airlines will be supplying the covetable new kits but we look forward to encountering them on our travels soon.

Philippe Starck

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