Introducing 'Noavenue' – A cool new collaborative platform

Introducing 'Noavenue' – A cool new collaborative platform

Where 'improbable' partnerships happen

Imagine if Givenchy collaborated with Apple... Or Hedi Slimane brought the design aesthetic of Saint Laurent to a collaborative Rolls-Royce? Well wonder no more, as in walks Noavenue

Described as a "portal where our creative, seemingly improbable ideas can become a reality" and similar in ethos to a contemporary, virtual place like Paris' Café de Flore, Andy Warhol's 'The Factory', and Shinjuku's Golden Gai of the 1970s, this new venture allows seemingly improbable dream collaborations to become a reality.

The way it works is actually simplistic: users post their ideas to the site where others can then 'like' or 'push' the idea. Once an idea gets enough weight behind it in terms of attention, the team begin feasibility research and negotiation with brands, creators, and manufacturers.

And then, if the idea is found to be possible, the product will be available to pre-order via the site with the orders used to crowdfund final production and distribution. It's time to get those (whichever brand you like) thinking caps on, and get clicking. 

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