Social media report: Nike leads in Instagram gains among fashion brands

Social media report: Nike leads in Instagram gains among fashion brands

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Site: Stylophane

Sportswear giant – Nike – leads the way in Instagram gains among fashion brands, as a new report by Stylophane surfaces. Discover all of the details here...

Fashion's favourite social media channel – Instagram – saw 36 brands add 100k+ new followers last month, with sportswear giant Nike leading the way.

The photo and video sharing platform beat Facebook, which saw 16 brands achieve the 100k+ new likes, and Twitter where just five brands hit the mark with new 100k+ new followers according to a new report by Stylophane. 

Notably on Pinterest where follower numbers are smaller, Lulu Guinness was the fashion brand to pick up the highest number – with 86,847 new people hitting the follow button.

Kevin Systrom's fashion industry loved Instagram saw Nike take the lead as the fast growing brand on Instagram – with an impressive 1.4 million new followers last month. Victoria Beckham was in close second with 1.2 million new followers, and Dior achieved 510,176 new followers. Louis Vuitton brought in 487,382 new followers, whilst Nike's competitor – Adidas – received 431,012.

Nike prove that although a constant stream of photos is viewed as important for keeping followers' attention, the amount of posts does not really matter – as it posted just five new images on Instagram in the month that saw it achieve 1.4 million new followers. Nike also only posted three tweets, and made just one Facebook post – and saw impressive growth on both of these platforms.

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