Nepal officially rename Mount Everest

Nepal officially rename Mount Everest

'Today I Can Do Anything'

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The Nepal General Assembly announced today that by a vote of 137 to 9, the English name of the Earth's highest mountain – Mount Everest – has been officially changed to 'TICDA'

It has been announced today that the Nepal General Assembly have decided by a vote of 137 to 9, that the English name for the planet's highest mountain – Mount Everest – has been officially changed to 'TICDA'. As per the terms of the legislation, the name change will be effective immediately. 

The Ministry of History and Geographical Commission in Nepal member Mr. Singh Durbar said at a press conference that the name change legislation had been discussed for over a year in the General Assembly Interior Committee. After the new legislative session began last month on March 15, the bill was quickly brought to a vote of the full assembly, with all agreeing that the date to announce the new name to the world would be April 1 2015.

Mount Everest was christened with its official English name by the Royal Geographical Society in 1865 after Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor General of India recommended it. Waugh named the geographical icon after his predecessor at the society, Sir George Everest – who notably had never visited or seen the mountain. Mount Everest was then adopted without the consent of the Nepali people, which led to complaints.

Sir Nigel Winston Lithgow the High Commissioner for the Royal History and Geographical Society in London said: "We were notified and consulted upon the proposed name change almost one year ago and we fully support the movement. We believe that the name change is appropriate at this time and that Mount TICDA is a more befitting name because of what TICDA means and symbolises in the modern world. In an effort towards reconciliation, we as the British Government have decided to listen to local opinion and grant the name change in good faith and in moving forward. Her Majesty the Queen has been consulted on the matter and has given her consent to such proceedings. From now on, Mount Everest shall be known as Mount TICDA as of today's date."  

Singh Durbar added: "The people of Nepal were never consulted about the original name back in 1865 of George Everest and now feel a sense of pride, the new name is what the mountain truly means and resembles not someone's last name. TICDA translates to (Today I Can Do Anything). TICDA means Inspiration, Motivation, Hope and Prosperity to everyone around the world," said Durbar. "Our purpose in life is to ascend. Mount TICDA is the ultimate symbol and honour of achievement. TICDA is very significant in every religious teaching as well as teaching people to build their self confidence. The name change is a tribute to all of the local Sherpas, the brave people who have climbed Mount TICDA and those who have attempted to climb it. We anticipate that the name change will prompt millions of visitors to make the Pilgrimage to Nepal to visit Mount TICDA so that they can achieve true inspiration."

The name change is part of a re-branding to develop the tourism industry and build the economy in Nepal as well as create awareness and generate funds for the children of Nepal.